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Certification 2246.02 and 2246.01 for calibration and electrical: the scope of accreditation is location-dependent and does not include the entire scope of Satimo activities. The actual scope of accreditation is available on the A2LA website and in the pdfs below "A2LA_2246-01" and "A2LA_2246-02".
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Quality Management

SATIMO was first ISO 9001:2000 certified in 2005. This certificate ensures that:

  • our products meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements
  • our processes aim at continually improving customer satisfaction and the conformity of our products to these requirements

Customer Support

Our customer support program includes before and after sales services:

  • a technical support engineer is dedicated to each product or geographic area to ensure that the product will answer the client’s requirements,
  • a maintenance and support team guarantees that customers get quick and efficient support, from the installation stage on.

Certification Compliance

SATIMO systems are particularly well suited for testing wireless devices in active mode. It is our company strategy to follow the evolution of the different telecommunication protocols and to be present in the standardization committees to actively contribute to the test plan draftings.

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