Spurious error signals from absorbers and other structures in the measurement set-up can significantly decrease the measurement accuracy in standard antenna measurement configurations. MV-Echo, the echo reduction toolbox, attenuates the effects of such undesired signals and significantly improves measurement accuracy.

Main Features

The algorithm of the module is based on the modal filtering of the fields in the Spherical Wave Harmonics domain. It is compatible with MVG software suites: SatEnv, MiDAS and 959 Spectrum.

  • Filter out echoes in Near-field (Spherical, Cylindrical and Planar) and Far-field measurement systems
  • Optimize the AUT minimum sphere
  • Fast computation
  • Optimization of used memory
  • Robustness against noise

Improve accuracy in the estimation of antenna performances:

  • 3D-Radiation Pattern
  • Directivity / Gain
  • Side Lobe Level (SLL)
  • Cross-Polar Discrimination (XPD)

Apply to standard measurement set-up and AUT configurations in an easy post-processing step