Solutions for

Our solutions support the Aerospace & Defense, Satellite, Telecommunications, and Automotive industries, as well as Universities and Institutional Research and Material manufacturers. You can access more solutions on the MVG websites.

Solutions for Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & DefenseSATIMO offers near-field, far-field and Compact Range technologies and expertise in tailoring Radome, antenna and millimeter wave measurement solutions for airborne, shipborne, vehicular and other platforms.

Solutions for Automotive

AutomotiveSATIMO has developed a complete range of systems to meet the needs of automotive and antenna manufacturers.

Solutions for Material Manufacturers

Material ManufacturersOn-line Visualization of Embedded Defects and Material Properties. Use electromagnetic waves to measure and visualize the characteristics of non-metallic materials.

Solutions for Telecom

TelecomIt is our goal to follow the evolution of different telecommunication protocols and to be present in the standardization committees that actively contribute to test plan drafting.

Solutions for Academic & Research Institutes

ResearchAcademic institutions that teach and develop electromagnetic sciences have unique needs.