Fast Antenna Measurement, Radome Test and Scanner Systems

Unlike traditional measurement systems, SATIMO's innovative and unique "multiprobe" technology allows for fast and accurate measurement and visualization of electromagnetic fields. Satimo provides dedicated measurement solutions to test and measure antenna performance, personal exposure levels to EMF, and to characterize material properties for industries around the world.

SATIMO specializes in antenna, OTA, and Radome measurement using multi-probe technology.

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SG 32
SG 32 
SG 32 is a smaller version of the SG 64, with 31 probes (+ 1 reference channel). Two models are available: the SG 32 - 18 GHz, and the SG 32 - 6 GHz. Both have the capacity to switch between the N-PAC for antenna measurements and the Radio Communication Tester for OTA measurements. SG 32 can perform both CTIA comparable TRP and TIS measurements.
ISO 9001:2008 Certified

A complete range of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) measurement systems for test and certification.

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About Us

SATIMO is an industry leader in electromagnetic field measurements in the microwave frequency range. It is part of the Microwave Vision Group (MVG), which was created together with ORBIT/FR and AEMI in 2008.


A complete range of RF Safety products that help in the
monitoring and measurement of electromagnetic fields.

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On-line Visualization of Defects and Material Properties. Uses electromagnetic waves to measure and visualize the characteristics of non-metallic materials.

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